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Now and then, every homeowner gets to experience the wonder that is the clogged drain that causes great inconvenience in the home.

Drain Genie Plumbing Services are just the experts that you need to resolve this issue quickly and efficiently in Florida, including OviedoAltamonte SpringsWinter ParkDaytona BeachDeLand, SW Florida, and the Treasure Coast.

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What is Drain Genie Plumbing Services?

We are a team of local expert plumbers with over 20 years of experience. Thanks to our extensive experience and skills, we provide a full range of plumbing services in the area. Drain cleaning is our specialty and no matter how stubborn clogs can be, we will always find a solution to resolve this issue. With Drain Genie, you get to experience these benefits:

You can rely on us to help you find a resolution for those clogs with our specialized tools and equipment. 

Drain Clogs

Types of Drain Clogs We Troubleshoot

For the plumbers at Drain Genie, no clog is too difficult. After all, drains are our specialty. Our plumber team will quickly clear all of the following types of drain clogs:

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Advanced Drain Cleaning Machine Techniques

Thanks to our advanced approach to drain cleaning, even the most stubborn clogs will be resolved quickly. No matter how much trouble your drainage clogs are causing you, we have a solution for it. We use all of the following tools during our drain cleaning services: 

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How are Clogged Drains Caused?

Many homeowners put their full trust in our plumber services when it comes to clearing drains. With 20 years of service under our belts, we have seen just about every drain clog possible. We have come to understand that most clogs are caused by the following problems:

Food Debris and Grease

Sink drains, especially in the kitchen, are those areas that get inundated with a buildup of food particles, grease, and oils. Usually, to unclog the stuck, clogged material in the drain, we will use a heavy-duty drain cleaner to save time and get the job done effectively. If that doesn’t work, we resort to the next best thing, which is typically the plumbing snake. 

Obstruction by Non Flushable Objects

Sometimes non flushable objects make their way into a toilet bowl and then you end up with a clogged toilet. Typically, chemicals don’t work to clear out this obstruction. But, a drain snake works just fine. We may introduce a more specialized tool if this approach does not work. 

Tree Roots

Did you know Mother Nature could be the cause of a clogged drain? Tree roots can grow between poorly sealed joints in old pipes made of cast iron and terra cotta, as well as newer plastic piping. They can cause major clogs that are difficult to remove even with plumbing snakes and other tools, like augers. When these tools don’t work, we sometimes resort to using chemicals that will kill the roots or a specialized tool with root cutting blades.

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FAQ: Clearing Drain Clogs

Do drain snakes work?

Yes, drain snakes are effective tools for clearing certain types of drain clogs. Also known as plumbing snakes or augers, these tools come in various types, including handheld manual snake cables and motorized snakes.

Is it OK to snake cable in a toilet?

Yes, it is generally okay to use a plumbing snake or snake cable to fix a clogged toilet. A plumbing snake, commonly referred to as a toilet auger, is a tool designed to break up and remove buildup, obstructions, and clogged material within pipes.