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Perhaps you had to fix one too many plumbing system leaks in recent months or years, leaks that seem to be getting worse than the other. Whether it is an increased frequency of leaks, poor water quality, or visible corrosion in the pipes, one thing is certain; it is time to repipe those plumbing lines. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, there are no better repiping specialists than the plumbers at Drain Genie.

Signs for Repiping the Plumbing System

Repiping your home is no ordinary repair that must be carefully considered. Before the process begins, a thorough assessment of the plumbing system will be performed to ensure that new pipes are needed. Here are some of the common pipe problems plumbers look for when assessing the need for repiping your home:

Rusty Pipes

Old or Rusty Pipes

Over time, pipes deteriorate and become ridden with corrosion and rust. These issues will leak to pinhole leaks, low water pressure, and discolored water.

Leaking Pipes

Constant leaks can cause great damage to your home. From water damage to mold growth and structural problems, even the smallest of pinhole leaks can create great challenges for you.

Low Water Pressure

Corrosion and clogs in the piping can slow down the flow of the water supply, leading to low water pressure in plumbing fixtures. Repiping will help eliminate this problem and produce better water pressure in the plumbing system.

Water Quality Issues

If your water supply has changed in color, taste, or smell, there may be either contamination in the water or corrosion in the pipes. The quality of the water supply will improve when the repipe job is complete.

Polybutylene Pipes

Homes built in the late 20th century used polybutylene pipes for the plumbing system. Eventually, most homes built with this piping material have a repiping job where the materials are changed for more durable pipes.


What is a “whole house repipe: We will replace every water supply line that enters your home and any “branch” of these pipes which deliver water to the plumbing fixtures. It does not include the sewer system.

Top reasons to consider a whole house water repipe:

What to expect from your NEW whole house water repipe:

Our Process:

Expected Time Line for Completion

Depending on the size of your home, a typical 2–3-bathroom home will take no more than 2 days to complete.

Why Hire Drain Genie as a Repiping Specialist?

Any home repipe project is a major plumbing job that requires high experience, specialized skill, and pristine quality. We are not like most plumbing companies; we bring to the table personalized plumbing system solutions for each home in Florida. Our plumbing company has the following to offer you:

After serving thousands of homes in Florida for over two decades, we were able to cultivate a positive reputation among the community. You too, can trust us for a job well done.

Our Full-Proof Repipe Process

Our process for repiping a home will involve several steps carried out by expert licensed plumbers. Here’s what you can expect as a homeowner when hiring our team for the job:

Assessment and Planning

A licensed plumber from our team will conduct a thorough assessment of the plumbing system in your home. This involves an inspection of the pipes, identifying leaks, and damage, and determining the best approach for repiping your home.

Removal of Old Pipes

After the water supply is shut off, the plumber will remove or abandon the existing pipes. This process involves cutting away or capping off existing piping. 

Preparing and Installing of New Pipes

With the old pipes removed and/or abandoned, the plumber will prepare the area where the new set of pipes will be installed. The plumber will then install the new pipes.

Exposed water pipe with a leak
Water Pressure Testing

Water Pressure Testing

After the pipe inside is installed, the plumbing system will be thoroughly tested for pressure. This involves pressurizing the system to check for leaks or weaknesses. This step helps ensure that the installation is meeting safety and performance standards.

Inspection & Approval

Local building authorities may require an inspection to ensure that the repipe job of the plumbing contractor needs the local plumbing codes. When the inspection is complete, you will receive an official approval notice.

Restoration and Clean Up

Once we replace the corroded and broken pipes with new ones, we will restore the water supply and clean up. No job is ever completed until we clean up the mess we created during the repipe process. 

In Need of Repiping for Your Home?

Keep your search simple in Florida, South Florida, and the Treasure Coast, and contact Drain Genie for a thorough inspection to make your plumbing problems disappear like magic.

FAQ: Repiping the Plumbing System

Is it worth repiping a house?

Whether it’s worth repiping a house depends on various factors, including the condition of the existing plumbing, the extent of the problems, your budget, and your plans in the long run. 

Can you repipe a house without removing drywall?

In some cases, it is possible to repipe a house without removing significant portions of drywall. This method is known as “in-place” or “pex-over-pex” repiping. It involves running new pipes through the existing walls and spaces without the need for extensive demolition. This approach is often more cost-effective and less disruptive than traditional repiping methods that require cutting into walls, ceilings, and floors.

What is the best piping material to repipe a house?

The best material for repiping a house depends on various factors, including your budget, local building codes, the specific needs of your plumbing system, and your preferences. Three common materials used for repiping are PEX A pipe with expansion style fittings, PEX B pipe with crimp style fittings, and copper pipe and fittings.